Just Another Day

He sat me down. I glanced out of the window; it was a cold winter’s day, if anything, I should be glad to be spared a few more minutes of the icy hell that awaited me outside.

But this hell was far worse, I thought, as Professor Unwin sat down behind his rather imposing carved oaken desk. Why oh why did he think it was my turn to visit his stupid office? It’s not like I’d done anything wrong…not really….

“Now, Arthur, how are we doing?” asked the professor, peering at me over his half-moon spectacles.

We’re not doing anything, Sir,” I blurted out, just wanting to get out of this silly room as soon as possible.

He raised an eyebrow, a sharp, dark, wiry thing…that was it. Just a single eyebrow, no retort, no words of punishment, nothing.

But then he was on me, raking at my face, razor teeth ripping off my ears, tearing my limbs to pieces. Just another day at school.

~ Jordan Strobach-Morris, 13.12.2015


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